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Presenting Octobot, the first original frame from Velocibot.

Octobot is a symmetrical octocopter with 6mm thick carbon fibre arms. Each arm is braced against its neighbours for maximum rigidity and crash resistance, and the central body of the frame is cut from chunky, high-quality 3mm carbon.

Octobot supports either a top-mount or bottom-mount battery. For ultra-long-range, you can equip both top and bottom batteries, and the PDB offers connection points for both batteries in parallel.

My favourite features:

  • 6mm thick arms (20mm wide)
  • 3mm thick body plates
  • 495mm diagonal wheelbase
  • 20 or 30.5mm flight control stack
  • 25mm M3 standoffs (any length can be used)
  • Dedicated screws for FC and arms, none shared
  • 20 and 30.5mm top accessory mounts
  • 16 and/or 19mm motor mounts
  • Top or bottom battery mounts — or both, for extreme long-range

This kit includes:

  • 3mm Octobot Top plate (×1)
  • 3mm Octobot Main plate (×1)
  • 3mm Octobot Bottom plate (×1)
  • 6mm Octobot 7" Arm (×8) — 240mm long, 20mm wide
  • Stainless steel socket cap screw M3x8 (×42) — motors and top plate
  • Stainless steel socket cap screw M3x14 (×16) — arms
  • Stainless steel socket cap screw M3x20 (×8) — lower standoffs
  • Stainless steel press nut (×16)
  • Aluminium standoff M3x25 (×8)
  • Battery pad (×1)
  • Steel washer for press nut installation (×1)
  • FPV camera mounts to suit 19mm-wide micro cams

This kit does not include any electronics, motors, etc — just the frame.

Recommended build:

These frames are manufactured on-demand and don't exist until you order. Think of it as a very fast pre-order... There is currently a couple of weeks' wait until delivery, but the frame is made for you, which is pretty great.

The colour selection on your order refers to the colour of the printed FPV camera mounts and battery pad.