Announcing Velocimount

Announcing Velocimount

A Velocibot camera mount has two major jobs:

  1. Protect the camera.
  2. Attach the camera to the drone.

With these in mind, I have developed a new system of mounting, which I'm calling Velocimount.

GoPro Session camera mounted on a Rooster frame with a Velocimount

A Velocimount Adapter attaches to your drone frame, then the camera-specific mount attaches to that. This means there is no more screwing your structural frame screws through a soft camera mount: the frame screws which hold the Velocimount Adapter in place are able to be tightened significantly more onto the hard plastic of the Adapter, instead of having to carefully tighten screws through a soft rubber mount. (Some frames — like the Rooster and Chameleon Ti don't need screws for the adapter at all.)

The adapter system lets you mount camera cases for many different styles of camera. Switch between Hero and Session mounts, for example, by simply removing two screws and plopping the other one in. Tighten two screws and you're away. Have loads of frames and one camera? Save money buy having one camera case and a mount on each frame, instead of buying a full camera mount for every frame! When I'm not flying with an HD camera, I take the case part off and leave the adapter in place. Quick, easy.

The Velocimount system isn't necessarily limited to cameras. Want to fly at night with a big-ass infra-red torch? Wanna mount a weird GPS? A TINY CANNON?? A BACK-TO-BACK ADAPTER TO MOUNT A DRONE ON A DRONE?? OK, maybe that's too much. Share your ideas on the Velocibot Facebook page and if there's enough interest from other people we can totally make it happen.

Currently, Velocimount adapters are available in a range of angles for the Reverb, Alien (5" and 6") and the Rooster/Chameleon Ti, with other frames coming soon. Get in touch on the Facebook page or Twitter if you'd like to request something specific!

GoPro Hero camera mounted on a Reverb frame with a Velocimount

As for cameras, I'm thrilled to announce that Velocimounts are available for the GoPro Session, GoPro Hero, Foxeer Box and Runcam 3! Let me know what other cameras I should support, because there might be awesome cameras out there that I've never even heard of!

For a limited time, get an Adapter for FREE when you buy a Velocimount camera case, with the discount code VELOCIMOUNT at checkout. One Adapter per case, but no limit to how many times you can use the code!

Buy Velocimount Adapters here

Buy Velocimount Camera Cases here